Friday, June 13, 2014

I warned you already about taking gardening advice from me.

Everybody keeps posting pictures of their blooming flowers, budding raspberries and well-manicured lawns.

And I felt a bit guilty not sharing all the magic happening around here.

Last year this mature rose bush was thriving. Apparently a winter's worth of cat shit buried in the surrounding soil, and then being dug and scratched at by chickens isn't the best thing for your thriving rose bush and it will cease to thrive.

chickens and cats killed my roses

Here are my peonies without peonies.

And my chicken pecked, dog-piss-laden hosta. He’s a real fighter. 

frayed hosta

My bleeding heart bush. It’s been eaten down to nubs once this year already. Talk about perseverance!

Ornamental grass. (I thought these guys were gone, then I raked all the leaves out of the bed last weekend and BOOM! There they are. I guess they’re perennials. Who knew?

Ah, my tenderly loved vegetable garden. If I can’t grow grass in the yard, at least there’s proof that I can grow grass right here. Next to the strawberries. 

vegetable garden

And this.
This looked really nice last year. You’ll just have to take my word for it.

If weeds were hard to grow, I'd be a rock star. But then I probably wouldn't have any weeds growing either, so...

It's safe to conclude that around these parts I’m renowned for my yellow thumb.

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  1. My mom sent me three plants to tend to for a week till she can come over and they almost ran away because of all the attention I was not giving them!
    Or it may have been the strong winds...I don't know. I DO know I'm with you on the yellow thumb though :)

  2. I kill every. I have successfully killed a number of cacti given to me as gifts. I warn people not to give me plants, for they will surely die a miserable death.


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