My life as a mom.

what it's like to be a mom

You’ve had to choose between taking a nap and taking a shower.

You’ve thought about putting vodka in your coffee.

You never pee or poop uninterrupted.

Instead of looking in your dresser drawers you dig through laundry baskets for clean clothes.

You can clean up puke without gagging.

You have crayons in your purse.

You’ve cleaned another human being’s face off with your own spit.

You’ve washed boogers off the wall.

You have grocery store stickers on your car windows.

You could survive for a week on the scraps of food you’ve got under your car seats.

A thousand pictures were taken on your family vacation and you’re in two of them.

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  1. hahaha great list! So true! My husband was looking for clothes this morning for my sons and he asked me where all the clean clothes were. I told him I had put them away. He was shocked. He's been retrieving clean clothes from hampers forever.

  2. Yes to ALL!!!! Oh the joys of being a mom just never end, do they?

  3. I don't even think all the clothes would fit in dressers if I actually ever washed everything!

  4. Your list made me smile. Brought back happy memories of when my kids were young - hard work, but now, in retrospect, I do miss those times.


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