McDonald's Playland saved my kids.

I’m a stay at home mom who could benefit from some serious therapy. But I’m frugal, so here are my top ten reasons why McDonald’s Playland helps me out when I’m ready to snap and do or say something I might regret later.

1.    It’s free.  I’ve been the parent saying “Eat your nuggets” through clenched teeth-they just want to play, so I skip the argument and feed them at home before we leave.

2.    Other people’s dysfunctional children make me feel like I’m a better parent.

3.    If my kid does eat a Happy Crappy Meal, runs herself silly and pukes, I don’t have to clean it up.

4.    I can eat hot food.  Don’t judge me. I eat a Big Mac when I want to.

5.    It wears my kids out, so maybe later I can go to the bathroom in peace.

6.    When my kids are at school and I’m missing them I can sit in the Playland for a few minutes and get over it.

7.    If my kids misbehave and don’t follow the rules the workers come in and tell them to “Get down! You can’t climb up there!” so I can just veg and pretend they’re not my kids. 

8.    Being exposed to all those germs beefs up their immune system so they don’t have to miss school and cut into my ME time.

9.    It gives them social skills without me having to clean my house and take a shower to host playdates.

10.  I can go in my pajamas and I don’t have to do my hair because, well, have you been to a McDonald’s Playland? Then you get my point.


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