Wednesday, February 13, 2013

It's almost Valentine's Day!


Even men aren’t this stupid.

Are they?

Would they really follow the advice of a commercial telling them to spend $99.00 on a 4 ½ foot teddy bear for Valentine’s Day in lieu of chocolates or flowers?  I know it’s a pile of awesomeness, but come on.  It’s NOT romantic.  It’s stupid. 

I can think of many things I would rather have than a 4 ½ foot teddy bear. 

The commercial is hard to watch.  If you haven’t seen it, click here.  My favorite is the blonde who finds the giant teddy sitting at her desk.  “Hahahaha, there’s a bear in my chair haha.” What is she going to do, stuff this thing into her car after work?  Drive it home and wrestle it into her house?  Then what? 

Valentine's Day. by _e.tAside from the half priced box of chocolate I’ll buy myself the day after, I can do without the waste-your-money-on-crap-you-shouldn’t-buy holiday all together. 

Do we really need a holiday to say I love you?  Shouldn’t you be loving your lover all the time?  “I love you all the time, but today I will show you that I really love you with this card and ridiculously overpriced flowers that I could buy any other day of the year for a quarter of the cost they were today.” 

And since we’re on the subject, won’t you agree that no one should be in love in elementary school?  And asking EVERYONE in your class to be your Valentine is unrealistic?   But here I go-out to buy some overpriced 4 inch postcards so my kid can pass them out in class.  Any idiot can tell you an average classroom has between 20-30 students, so why the hell is there 16 in a box?  Now I’m buying 2 boxes instead of one and of course I have orders to get the ones with tattoos.  While I’m busy making treats for school my kid gathered up all the extra tattoos from the extra Valentine’s I had to buy and tattooed her face.  Little dog faces all over her face.  Well played, Valentine makers. 


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